Wooden Houses

The log homes is luxurious, carefully made with high quality materials and detailed design, which can not only satisfy but also to surprise even his most demanding architects. It is the combination of nature and architecture that gives a magical effect, like our childhood dreams, since the nature and secrets of playing with our imagination. Reflect the balance, beauty, tranquility and quiet power of nature and forest. Wood is a natural, friendly and warm material, so it fit so nicely, more than any other, to places we live, move and relax. What else can our home so beautifully convey the pleasant feeling of comfort, warmth and serenity? The rate comfort at home, because the physical origin of wood is the best we can in comparison with other building materials. The lack of artificial materials and chemicals harmful to humans make houses from logs perfectly healthy and ecologically. If all of the above include the minimum time needed for its construction and the very low maintenance costs, we understand that this is the ideal solution, as has been demonstrated that all the countries of Europe and America. There ready architectural proposals from experienced foreign and Greek architects cottage-style or classic or traditional Greek mountain, but in a style that can respond to different locations and different architectures in local laws. The vast library of projects, in conjunction with the architects of our company will help you develop your own unique ideas for your personal lifestyle. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of logs, the careful design and high level of skilled artisans us. We will try to make beautiful home is evidenced by the many important projects we have undertaken in Greece.