Stone Houses

Mountainous country to the largest percentage of Greece is undoubtedly the realm of stone. Limestones, shales, sidiropetres, limestone, marble granite rocks are colorful gained an incredible intensity because of the purity of air and light.

The stone houses of the border stands out. The quoin, the cornerstones are kalopelekimenoi as the jambs of doors and windows, while the rest of the wall varies: it can be treated by little stones, composed of pentagonal stones clamped together by successive rows cornered stones Pelekiton suggesting how Byzantine construction. The need of the time required the inclusion in the stone walls of xylodesias (wooden beams, railway sleepers trees). Today xylodesia has been replaced by weapons with a bib around every measure and in the corners, gaining flexibility in times of earthquake. The stone building obeys all the steps of the bioclimatic rules.

Today, architectural stone creates feelings of nostalgia and idealizing tendencies. It refers to the coexistence with the natural environment and respect. The naturalness, the functionality, the spirit of the economy are some qualities of the stone houses and the people of the city and fragmented way of modern life. Epamektimontai anymore simple and free homes are constructed entirely of natural materials.