Posidi Halkidiki

I have villas in the Kassandra Peninsula of Halkidiki,at Posidi in the Kalandra area.Posidi was probably founded in the late Byzantine or early Ottoman times.It is closely connected to the ancient colony of Mendi.Many of the place names have been retained from ancient times,including its beach which is still called Poseidon,an Ionic expression of the god Poseidon,mentioned by Thucidides in the 5th century BC.The remains of the walls of the ancient city of Mendi can still be seen today. The temple of Poseidon is 4 km to the west situated on a narrow spit of land near the sea.The lighthouse which was built in 1864 is near the temple.

The villas have views over the Aegean sea towards Mount Olympos with its magnificent sunsets.They have been built with loving care and with every attention to the strictest of European building regulations.I would be most grateful and delighted if you would like to come and see them since the photographs I am sending you cannot give you the full picture….the scent of the pine trees,the sea breeze,the wind on the olive groves that caresses the hair and skin.You could touch the marble walls and taste the superb local specialities and the fresh Aegean fish.On our site you can find photos of villas under constructionChalkidiki, the visitor is captured by the smells of nature. The intense and vivid colors such as green and blue Halkidiki winning visitor. The superior quality of life and sense of tranquility to relax and relieves our houses. The sea breeze and fresh air refresh the mind and body.With great pride we present the new housing complex in the area of Halkidiki Poseidi. The six houses we are prepared with great attention to the satisfaction of the buyer, using suitable materials and the most modern manufacturing methods and quality.

The beautiful and luxurious homes are built on a hill with breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The distance from the charming beach is just 300 meters and close to work, but there are housing estates. The complex is surrounded by beautiful pine Cassandra in a calm and cool area away from the crowds and the heat of summer.

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